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Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own body?


Are you frustrated when your doctor does not have enough time to listen to YOU?

Do you feel stuck and frustrated after having tried numerous diet programs and prescription drugs?


Has your doctor responded to your symptoms with

"That is normal for your age" ?

Do you feel you don't have the time or energy to find true vitality?

How can I ever figure out why I'm feeling this way? 

Do you have an autoimmune disease and would like to put it into remission? 


There are solutions. 


I know exactly how you feel because I've been there, and I can help you address the root causes of your symptoms and get your life back on track.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is the science of customised healthcare that gets to the true root cause of dysfunction, blockage of dis-ease in your unique body.. Individuals find sustained wellness and are empowered to retain it through their lifestyle choices.  

Functional Medicine is a science-based, personalized model that is viewing the body as one integrated system. This individualized approach assesses and treats the underlying causes of diseases through tailored programs to restore health and real healing.

If you are used to getting a pill every time something goes wrong and a progressive cascade of dysfunction and impairment gets created, know that it doesn't have to be this way. Your body's natural default state is wellness and it is capable of reversing symptoms and disease.

Mille Rostock flowers

In emergency situations conventional medicine works beautifully, using drugs and surgery to save lives. But when it comes to chronic diseases many drugs cover up the symptoms, leaving the root causes unresolved.

The real difference between functional and conventional medicine is that the functional approach aims to provide true healing from the source of the problem, while the conventional approach to many chronic illnesses is often a band-aid for some relief.

What Mille Rostock Specializes In 

Women's Health

Weight gain
Headache / migraine
Estrogen dominance

Thyroid/ Adrenal

Stress management

Adrenal fatigue 




Detoxification & Heavy metal toxicity


Endocrine disruptors


Oxidative stress

Endocrine System


Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Insulin Resistance

Mille Rostock Healthy Food

Are you dealing with hormonal imbalances and want to ditch the aging process and rediscover yourself as slim, sexy and confident?

Life is too short to not feel well. Ailments had sneaked up on me and one day I realized I simply felt chronically ill.  I had a constant stomach ache, slept poorly, random joints were swollen, my digestion was unpredictable, I gained weight, and felt ashamed. Mille is warm, compassionate, eternally positive, listens well, is highly skilled, and, best of all, is non-judgemental. My inflammation is gone and so is my joint pain. I am back in the gym, have lost weight, and have kept it off. Insomnia is cut in half and I have literally stopped all my stomach medicine. I will repeat, life is too short to not feel well. Mille helped change my life and I truly hope the same for you. 

- Donna Cotter

I would highly recommend Mille to anyone seeking a different perspective on their health and wellness and particularly to those with hormonal issues. She has helped me balance my hormones through testing,  supplements, dietary suggestions and super informative visits that I have implemented on a daily basis . This type of care is not a “quick fix” or “one size fits all” approach. I started to see symptoms of menopause, but after consulting with Mille I now sleep through the nights without night sweats, I don't have mood swings anymore, and lost some pounds on top of that.

-Karen Tyler

I have dealt with constipation for decades and many physicians over the years were not able to find out what was wrong with me until I saw Mille. She found out my thyroid was out of balance and that I had gut issues.  With her expertise and guidance, I now have daily regular bowel movements, decreased bloating and I finally feel confident in wearing a tight dress. It has been life changing for me. I can’t thank Mille enough for treating me as a whole person.

 - Christine Collins

Are you ready to take control of your health?

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