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Functional Medicine: Individual Programs

Waiting Room

1 x Initial Consultation 

  • A detailed symptom questionnaire with your health history form

  • A discussion and exploration of some of the root cause for your specific condition and guidance with possible treatment options. 

  • Includes a free 15 minute consultation

3 Month Program

  • A detailed symptoms questionnaire with your health history form.​
  • Individual and customised program for your specific condition and treatment plan
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Research support and additional educations materials
  • Access to functional medicine lab tests
  • 15 minute free initial consultation

Functional medicine cleanse & detox programs

Cleanse & detox programs

  • Do you keep having cravings for chocolate, candy, coffee, or chips that ruin your healthy eating habits?

  • Do you think you might have a dairy or gluten intolerance but are unsure because you have never been tested for it?

  • Do you often have constipation and low energy?

  • Rebalance your gut, get more energy, and eat real food every day.

I offer a 14-day detox and cleanse with one on- one coaching support, handouts, and recipes

Mille Rostock Detoxification
Mille Rostock woman drinking detofixication smoothie
Mille Rostock healthy recipes
Mille Rostock health coaching

Detox supplements

Hormones need to be excreted and when the liver is impaired it will recirculate throughout the body creating an inbalance. I'll guide you to what supplements to take to flush out the toxins and reduce inflammation and boost your energy.

Protein-packed smoothies

You will drink or eat delicious smoothies packed with all the essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. These smoothies will fill you up and keep you full for hours while promoting gut health and detoxification.

Recipe suggestions

You’ll enjoy snacks and meals during the 14 days cleanse and detox. There are recipes included and tips & tricks on how to prepare your own meals.

Coaching and support 

During the 14 days of the cleansing & detox program,  I will provide you with email support and 2 coaching sessions to help you ensure you stay on track and get the result.

Choose your plan

  • Personal Program

    One-to-one Cleanse & Detox Program
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • - 14 day protein powder
    • - 14 days supplements
    • - Meal plans, recipes, snack ideas
    • - Step-by-step instructions
    • - Once a week coaching session
  • The Group Program

    Group Cleanse & Detox program
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • - 14 day protein powder
    • - 14 day supplements
    • - Meal plans, recipes, snack ideas
    • - Step by step instructions
    • - Once a week group coaching session
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