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What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a fancy name for a hormonal imbalance and is a very common endocrine disorder. These women may struggle with a wide variety of symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, facial or excess body hair growth, thinning hair on the head, infertility, acne, irritability, insomnia, and headaches.

What causes PCOS?

Research shows that 50 % of women with PCOS has high insulin levels and elevated androgen. Androgen are hormones such as testosterone and DHEA promoting ovulatory dysfunction. Without ovulation, the ovaries do not produce progesterone to balance estrogen. Thus ongoing PCOS can therefore easily cause estrogen dominance and women can struggle with e.g. symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, mood swings, water retention, headache, and anxiety.

Women can produce excess insulin in response to a lifestyle that includes too many highly refined carbohydrate foods for her unique body. Also high levels of stress, or cortisol, or adrenaline, can promote higher levels of blood sugar separate from diet, that also would produce higher insulin, and a hyperinsulinemia state can promote higher testosterone production in the ovaries.

What not to eat:

Insulin resistance is epidemic! And it is indeed reversible in many cases with persistent lifestyle change and targeted short-term supplementation use can help to increase insulin sensitivity. A high glycemic diet can promote insulin resistance or insufficient intake of anti-inflammatory of omega 3 fats or other toxins that might be damaging some membrane functions.

Are you infertile?

I focus on understanding the dynamics at play in this type of imbalance and not the diagnosis. Many women with this type of hormonal imbalance PCOS are not ovulating optimally and can also lead to infertility. This an-ovulation is often caused by excessive testosterone as a result of high insulin levels from insulin resistance.

The good news is that it is reversible. Women do not have to struggle with PCOS-like dynamics.

At my clinic I customize programs for each of my clients based on their unique needs.

Ask yourself if some of these symptoms are familiar to you and seek help.

In great health,



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